9th Mississippi Cavalry (Miller’s)

(formerly 17th Battalion Mississippi Cavalry, aka Steede’s Battalion Mounted Partisan Rangers, & aka the Lovell Rangers)

(from Dunbar Rowland’s “Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898”; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s “For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)


Company A -- Steede’s Company (raised in Jackson County, MS)

Company B -- Poitevent’s Company (raised in Hancock County, MS)

Company C -- Evans’ Rangers (raised in Harrison County, MS)

Company D -- Miller’s Company (raised in Clarke County, MS)

Company E -- Mayers’ Company (raised in Harrison County, MS)

Company F -- Stevens’ Company (raised in Green & Perry Counties, MS)


Company A -- Steede’s Company (raised in Jackson County, MS)

Company B -- Miller’s Company (raised in Clarke County, MS)

Company C -- Mayers’ Company (raised in Harrison County, MS)

Company D -- Stevens’ Company (raised in Green & Perry Counties, MS)

Company E -- Chickasaw Mounted Guards (raised in Chickasaw County, MS)

Company F -- Mann’s Company (raised in Monroe County, MS)

Company G -- Jenning’s Company (raised in Jasper County, MS)


Major -- Abner C. Steede.

No rolls. The battalion is mentioned in the official records of date February, 1863, when Capt. William Wren was ordered to dismount Maj. Steede's Battalion and organize, if possible, two full and efficient companies, February, 1863. April, 1863, 171 present, 474 absent; attached to Gen. John Adams' command, Jackson. Fourteenth Infantry and Steede's Battalion only troops left at Jackson, May 3, 1863. United with Richardson's Cavalry at Brookhaven and ordered to operate against Grant's supply trains, May 5. In June, with Gen. John Adams' command at Yazoo City. July 30, with Cosby's Brigade, Jackson's Division Cavalry. November, 1863, 260 present.

The battalion was a part of the Ninth Regiment, with Ferguson's Brigade, in the Atlanta campaign, 1864.

The dismounted men of Ferguson's Brigade were sent for temporary service to Mobile under Major Steede, Seventeenth Mississippi Battalion, from camp at Carthage about 5th or 10th of December, 1864. Reported March 10, 1865, Steede's Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, Maj. Abner C. Steede, attached to McCown's Missouri Brigade, French's Division, in or about Mobile.

See also Ninth Regiment Cavalry.


Colonel -- Horace H. Miller. Lieutenant-Colonel -- E.J. Sanders. Major -- Abner C. Steede. No rolls.

In the Atlanta campaign the companies were commanded as follows:

Captain Miller.

Captain Stevens.

Captain Brown.

Captain Mayer.

Captain Brock.

Captain Mayer.

Captain Thomas Flourney; Second Lieutenant George W. Davis.

Captain C. A. Jennings and First Lieutenant Allen, Company G, were wounded near Kenesaw Mountain.

This regiment was formed by the consolidation of Steede's Battalion and Sander's Tennessee Battalion, under the command of Col. Horace H. Miller, formerly of the Twentieth Infantry, which was mounted during the Vicksburg campaign. The Ninth Regiment was in camp at Madison Station, February, 1864, and a portion was sent by Gen. S. W. Ferguson on a reconnaissance toward Jackson, where Sherman's army was passing through to Meridian, "which duty was promptly and efficiently accomplished,” said Ferguson. "This command did not rejoin me until February 14." The regiment is not enumerated in the organization of Gen. S.D. Lee's Cavalry Corps, February 20. It is listed Ninth Mississippi, Col. Horace H. Miller, in Ferguson's Brigade, Jackson's Cavalry, Army of Mississippi, in the Atlanta campaign. The scout company of the brigade was Capt. Thomas C. Flournoy's company of this regiment. The regiment is mentioned as on the picket line near Kenesaw Mountain, June 26, 1864. Casualties, June 9, 3 killed, 4 wounded. Casualties, June 9-24, 2 killed, 14 wounded. In September it is listed in Ferguson's Brigade with Eleventh and Twelfth Mississippi, and Second and Fifty-sixth Alabama. Ferguson's Brigade, in the fall of 1864. was transferred to Gen. Joseph Wheeler's Cavalry and was in Wheeler's battles during Sherman's march to Savannah and siege of that city. (See Twelfth Battalion.) January 31, 1865, Capt. Benjamin Stevens commanding, in Ferguson's Brigade, Iverson's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry.

A portion of the regiment was in the Mississippi district in March, 1865, and was assigned to the command of Col. W. B. Wade, in Forrest's Cavalry. March 15, all officers and men of Ferguson's Brigade, including Col. H. H. Miller's Regiment, now rendezvousing at Shubuta, ordered to report to Maj .-Gen. W. T. Martin at Carthage, Ala. "Colonel White of the Ninth," and a number of officers and men were reported among the captures of Wilson's troops at Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865. Ferguson's Brigade was part of the escort of President Davis in Georgia, April, 1865.

April 9, 1865, Colonel Miller, commanding Ninth, at Coffeeville, Ala., ordered to report at Demopolis. His command was used as scouts at the front toward Mobile, until the capitulation, May 4.